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Growing impact of Jerusalem Center of BT

August 13, 2017 Dear friends, Greetings from Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators! Warm winter greetings to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere. Cool summer greetings to our friends in the Northern Hemisphere. Indeed, there are former participants of JCBT (or HBT) long term courses (some 150) and short term courses (some 240) – all around […]

Your help is needed

  Greetings from Jerusalem! Dear JCBT friends, VISAS It is visa time again, this time for some 20 Ph.D. Bible Translation Consultants of the United Bible Societies who are planning to come next week from June 4–17 to participate in the land of the Bible study tour of JCBT. These are the “Global Translation Advisors” who […]

Upgraded Semester Program For Bible Translators & Consultants

  The JCBT/Hebrew University program offers a one-of-a-kind training program for mother-tongue translators (MTTs).  Studying Hebrew in the Land increases the accuracy and naturalness of translations of the Hebrew Bible into the native languages. Biblical Hebrew is taught at JCBT as a comprehensive program involving four accredited semester courses.  In fact, JCBT this year has upgraded the […]

Land of the Bible Short-Term Courses for 2017

     JCBT provides specialized short-term study programs under the auspices of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Each course is customized to meet the needs of consultants and consultants-in-training in studying and experiencing Biblical history, geography, archaeology, agriculture, flora/fauna, and local climate — in order to provide a fuller and more accurate understanding of Hebrew […]

2018 Semester Program–Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for the 2018 Semester Course for Bible Translators, Consultants, & Consultants-in-Training–offered in conjunction with The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mt. Scopus campus, Rothberg International School. Language of Instruction:  English Program Schedule: January to June, 2018 Application Deadline: October 1, 2017 The goal of this program is to enable translators and consultants to produce a quality translation […]

Hosting the Board of the Seed Company

On February 10, we hosted the Board of Directors of the Seed Company for a Shabbat/Biblical meal in the rock chapel room of our Log Home dormitory at Yad Hashmonah (around 30 people with family members attended).  The evening was warm and informal, yet informative. The whole event was the favor of God. It happened because Samuel […]

Service for Deaf Bible Translators & Consultants Continues

The Historic 2016 JCBT Course for Deaf Bible Translators and Consultants An historic study-tour by JCBT for Deaf Bible Translation Consultants happened in September, 2016. Thirteen deaf participants had access to the Land of the Bible in a 4 week intensive course. We thank God  for this unique and empowering opportunity for the Sign Language translation projects […]

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