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How To Donate

Donations are USA tax-deductible and appreciated from around the world.

Secure Online Giving

Online donations may be done in three methods and can be either a monthly recurring donation or a one-time gift:

  1. Electronic USA check (or savings) account. This method is the most effective for JCBT and you.  It has the least cost and can be scheduled flexibly.
  2. A worldwide Credit (or Debit) Charge Card:  either Visa, Master, or Discover.
  3. Via PayPal.

To donate electronically via…

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Mailing Checks

USA Tax-Deductible Checks may be sent to our USA office:

c/o Mary Gemmel
1450 Webster Ln.
Des Plaines, IL 60018-1422   USA

Federal ID #04-3286275


Checks in Other Currencies (Euros, British Pounds, Israeli Shekels) may be sent to our Jerusalem office:

Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators
PO Box 1336
Mevaseret, Jerusalem 9078427   ISRAEL

Donating Non-Cash Items

Donation of non-cash items are appreciated. Please contact us for details on how to proceed with this.



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