Donation Instructions

How To Donate

Donations are USA tax-deductible and appreciated from around the world.

Any Donation/ Giving that is NOT from the USA

All who would like to transfer JCBT donations, tuition/course payments that are not from the USA is asked to transfer the funds to:

Wire Instructions:
Bank Name: Citibank, F.S.B.
Name on Account: Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators
ABA # 271070801
Account # 0980963977
Bank address: 3535 North Central Ave.
Chicago, IL 60634, U.S.A

Non- USA funds that will not be transfered to this USA account would have to be rejected and sent back. 

Secure Online Giving (USA Only)

Online donations may be done in three methods and can be either a monthly recurring donation or a one-time gift:

  1. Electronic USA check (or savings) account. This method is the most effective for JCBT and you.  It has the least cost and can be scheduled flexibly.
  2. A worldwide Credit (or Debit) Charge Card:  either Visa, Master, or Discover.
  3. Via PayPal.

For Secure Online Donations…

 1. Via electronic Check or Credit/Debit Card click Secure Online Giving button below: Use Quick Pay for one-time giving or for automatic recurring donations, a private secure account must be created.   

Round Blue Secure Online Giving Button

2. To give through a PayPal account, click the button below. 

Mailing Checks

USA Tax-Deductible Checks may be sent payable to:

Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators                              c/o Mary Gemmel

1450 Webster Ln.
Des Plaines, IL 60018-1422   USA

Federal ID #04-3286275

Checks in Other Currencies (Euros, British Pounds, Israeli Shekels) may be sent to our Jerusalem office, payable to:

Home for Bible Translators, Jerusalem
PO Box 40258
Mevaseret, Jerusalem 9080500   ISRAEL

Donating Non-Cash Items

Donation of non-cash items are appreciated. Please contact us for details on how to proceed with this.