An Essential Service

An essential and meaningful part of  the vision for the  Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators has been to make the living situation for our students truly a “home-like” experience.  The dedicated service of many volunteers over the years has made this a reality.  Through their love-in-action, the spiritual atmosphere of JCBT has become “a home”!

Our Needs

Although not formally a ‘volunteer” that requires a one-year volunteer visa, we are always needing short-term help in the Home.   This can be one week, one month, or up to three months intervals.  During the six-month semester program from January to June we have the greatest needs. These include:

  1. Cooks
  2.  Driver/handyman with license to shuttle a small van with 10 people,
  3. House parent/assistant cook, and
  4. Office Help (particularly French speaking on the years instruction is in French)

Also, during our twelve-day course for translation consultants held during the other six months we need mostly drivers and cooks.

Interested in Serving?

If you are contemplating serving  at JCBT, the following description of duties might help in your consideration.   Then if you still feel led to serve—short or long-term—simply email us expressing your interest and giving relevant information.

Please  include your full name, address, phone number, occupation, nationality, date and country of birth, medical concerns (if any), languages spoken fluently, gender and marital status. Please describe your past and present activities in relation to the volunteer position you are applying for.  Finally, share a brief version of your testimony.

Volunteer Duties

The four main needs each year are office, driver/handyman, cook, housekeeper/assistant cook. The specific job descriptions for each volunteer can vary. For example, the office assistant may also have to drive, fix something, wash floors or help cut vegetables.  The brief description below for each service area is listed in order of our priority needs:

Driver. The driver’s  main duty is to transport students daily to and from the Hebrew University during the school week as well as driving the van during the field trips.  Other driving duties could include: driving students to church services. Occasional trip to market with the cooks.

Cook.   The cook and assistant has the duty of daily (except Saturday) preparing two home meals a day (lunch is taken to the University), except for Saturday.  They plan menus and shop for groceries.

House Parent/Assistant Cook. Housekeeping is needed to keep the Home in clean condition. This means light housekeeping on a daily basis and supervision of the main cleaning.  The housekeeper will also act as hostess to any visitors. Assisting the cook in the preparation of meals is also a routine task.

Office Assistant.  The assistant to the Office Manager  helps keep the databases, spreadsheets, e-mail, and postal mail running smoothly. They also serves as a liaison between volunteers, students, and staff.  In addition, during the French course, mastery of the French language is essential.  The office assistant may also be asked to help in answering the telephone, taking messages, picking up mail from the post office box, light office work and other regular house routines.