JCBT New video – A day in Jerusalem

We are thrilled by what this new video represents.

In February 2017 JCBT hosted the first special United Bible Society group of Bible translators. It was the first of four groups being sent this year by UBS in accordance with a new Memorandum of Understanding between UBS and JCBT. Some 30 African translators experienced two weeks of study trips to biblical sites in the Land of the Bible. Many perceptions were changed and much new information was added – all of which continues to enhance their understanding and love for the Scriptures as the Word of God.

This 6.5 minute video takes you with them for a day in Jerusalem and includes short interviews with the leaders of this group, Dr. Samy Tioye of Burkina Faso and Dr. Esteban Voth of Argentina.

May you also sense the thrill of your prayers being fulfilled by these new opportunities for Bible translators. The new video is found from


JCBT Now Has a YouTube Video Channel.

JCBT has its own video channel on YouTube. There you will find many more videos, including a series of lectures given in the JCBT 20th Anniversary Conference in the Spring of 2015. These videos are found here:


“Text in Context” Teaching Series on Psalm 23 as seen in the Judean Hills

In a new series of videos produced by Ants Seiler, Halvor is guiding us through the world of the Judean Desert of Bible times. He shows us the importance of the shepherd in finding the right path that lead to grass to eat, water to drink, and avoidance of the dangers of shadowy ravines.  Psalms 23 takes on deeper meaning concerning “The Good Shepard.”

To watch the videos in full screen mode, click the button in the right corner. Finnish language subtitles are available by clicking the CC icon.

The series has 4 videos.  Enjoy!

In the first video “paths of righteousness” in Psalm 23 is explained.


In the second video “green pastures” in Psalm 23 is interpreted.


The third video addresses “still waters,” a problematic expression in some languages.


In the final video one sees the meaning of “walking through the valley of the shadow of death.” 


Video Introducing the Work of JCBT

In this nine minute introductory video Halvor and Mirja explain the background, purpose, and impact of JCBT (formerly HBT) in translating the Bible to the mother tongue of many people groups.