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Finances for the Semester Program

JCBT Fees and Expensesfina1

1.  Hebrew University Tuition (total 27 credits) – US$ 3,500

2.  Room and Board (subsidized) – US$ 3,500

3. Additional Expences – US$ 1,500

a. Study Trips
b. Health Insurance
c. Daily transportation to the University
d. Visas

Total for the Semester: US$ 8,500

Personal Expenses

Additional optional expenses that are paid by the student include:

1. Additional books, long-distance calls and faxes, personal photocopying, and personal expenses should be budgeted as personal pocket money. Estimated at  US$ 50-100 per month.

2. Additional accommodation charges for a spouse.


Scholarships for mother-tongue translators may be available through the Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators and are based on need and available funds. To qualify for a scholarship students must first be accepted to the program.

To apply or inquire about a possible scholarship, contact JCBT with the following information early in the application process:

  1.  A short description of the project you are involved in and how this proposed study program may benefit your project;
  2. A description of your financial situation; and
  3. Two letters of recommendation from your organization or sponsor, including a professor or a pastor.

Finances for Short-Term “Land of The Bible” Course for Consultants


The all inclusive fee for this course includes room and board, study trips, entrance fees.  Airfare and other personal purchases are not included.

Cost: $1800 for 14 days with 12 overnights.




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