Distinguished JCBT Faculty

serving Bible Translators and Consultants since 1995

2019 French Semester Course Instructors 

CURRICULUM VITAE – Anne Garber Kompaoré

Born February 8, 1955 in East York, Ontario, Canada

Citizenship: Canada and Burkina
Married to Pastor Daniel Kompaoré January 2, 1993 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Website: www.aegk.finespun.net


B.A. Linguistics, 1978, University of Ottawa, Canada
M.A. Linguistics (Specialization – African Linguistics), 1980, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL

PhD. Linguistics (Specialization – Tonology and Phonology), 1987, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL

Hebrew language and linguistics, 1997-98 (4 months) Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and the Home for Bible Translators

M.A. Theological Studies, Biblical Studies Concentration, 2004, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Elkhart, IN

 Linguistics and Translation Workshops

  • Numerous including: Discourse Analysis (SIL), Semantics and Key terms (SIL), Senufo workshops (SIL), Proverbs (SIL 2006), Deuterocanonical books (UBS 2009), Translator training (Nairobi 2010), etc.

 Consultant training workshops:

  • SIL Translation consultant workshop (SIL) – Bouake, Ivory Coast, 1994.
  • SIL Linguistics consultant workshops – Dallas, Texas, 1999, 2002.
  • UBS Translation consultant workshop – Bali, 2005
  • Africa Area UBS consultant meetings – Nairobi, 2006,2007, 2008
  • Tri-ennial Translation Workshop (Worldwide UBS) 2006 (Mombasa), 2009 (Bangkok)
  • SIL Translation Consultant Workshop – Ouagadougou, BF 2011


 Biblical Languages:

  • Biblical Hebrew: Discourse and Semantic research and writing; constant use for consulting; teaching
  • Greek: Discourse research, occasional use in consulting.

 Language fluency and familiarity:

  • Mother tongue: English
  • Professional Fluency: French
  • Basic Fluency: Jula (Burkina), Sicite (Burkina)
  • Linguistic familiarity (extensive to basic) : Gur and Mande languages – extensive: Sicite (BF), Siamou (BF), Nanergue (BF), Moore (BF), Jula, Dzuungo, etc.; Afro-Asiatic – Chadic: Ngas (Nigeria); Bantu Languages (Swahili, Giphende, Mboshi, Kituba);  Spanish, German, Moose Cree, Telugu (Dravidian),  and others through linguistic analysis, and reading.

Cultural familiarity:

  • Burkina Faso, Congo, Nigeria, and other African countries
  • First Nations: Ojibwe, Cree (Ontario, Canada)


Broad experience in all areas related to Bible translation: linguistics analysis – source languages and receptor languages, orthography development, literacy, exegesis, translation training and supervision, consultation, resource development, coordinating and managing translation programs; experience with a variety of Bible translation organizations and denominational translation programs in several countries; familiarity with a variety of languages and cultures;  visionary and initiator; strong in passing on skills to the next generation.

Jerusalem Centre for Bible Translators (former Home for Bible Translators) :

2019    Topics in Understanding and Translating Geographical Features of the Bible

2015    Discourse Analysis

2008    Professor of Bible Translation Exegesis Seminar

Short Summary: PhD. Linguist, Bible Translation consultant, lecturer in Bible translation workshops,  consultant training seminars, and theological institutions in various parts of the world.  Development of resources for translators.

September 2011 – Present:

Commission to Every Nation: Freelance services in consulting, training and resource development for translation (WordShare Resources and Services)

  • Translation consulting: Primarily Old Testament – for NBTT (Nigeria), ANTBA (Burkina Faso), SIL Congo (RC), Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission (Burkina), World Venture (RCI, Senegal), Rhema for the Nations (India); SIL WAF (Mali, Burkina)
  • Translation training: Biblical Law (Theological College of Northern Nigeria); Psalms, Daniel, Ezekiel (Nigeria), Isaiah (Burkina), Semantics and Translation (BF and Congo), OT narrative selections (Congo), Discourse Analysis of Biblical Hebrew (2015 Israel);  Exodus, 2 Samuel (India);
  • Biblical studies teaching:  Biblical Geography (yearly since 2011 in various institutions); Logos University (B.A. and Masters): Theology of War in the Bible (2014), Biblical Poetry (2017), Sapiential Literature (2018); Ouvriers de la Dernière Heure – Bible School: Biblical Geography, Pentateuch, Psalms and Proverbs, History of the Church).
  • Resource development: Bible background Powerpoint resources (the grapevine, siege warfare, Biblical geography), semantics and translation, covenants and oaths, Intro to the translation of the Old Testament, Understanding and Translating Biblical Law, Thematic approach to the Translation of the Psalms.
  • Resource development services: Author (in progress) for Translators Notes of 2 Samuel (SIL); Occasional contributor (in progress) to Semantic Domains of Biblical Hebrew dictionary (UBS); Contributor and mentor to the Key Terms of the Old Testament project (SIL)
  • Consultant Development – Lecturing, Supervision and Mentoring:  SIL Congo (2014-2016), Seed Company – Bible Scholars, ANTBA (Burkina), Rhema for the Nations (India).

1982 – 2011:

Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission (Mennonite Church Canada, Commission on Overseas Mission) in Burkina Faso:

  • 2010-2011: Consulting, Translator training, Lecturer (FATEAC – Biblical Law); Development of Translation resources; Translator of Translation manual; preaching
  • 2005-2010: Translation consultant, training, and management of translation programs (for Burkina Bible Society);  Teaching of Hebrew and Greek (BF); Old Testament Exegesis and Translation (2008, Israel); Consulting and training services (for AIMM, SIL); preaching;
  • 2003-2007 Contributor Biblical Key Terms of Biblical Hebrew project (SIL)
  • 1997-2003: Linguistics coordinator; Consultant, and linguistics training (for AIMM, SIL, and ANTBA Burkina Faso)
  • 1982-2000: Language analysis, orthography development, exegesis, translator training, church development (Sicite language);


  • Research assistant for linguistics professor Eyamba Bokamba, writing up Swahili lessons on the computer, U. of Illinois
  • Research assistant for Art History Professor, Anita Glaze, translating research notes on Senufo art and culture from French into English, U. of Illinois
  • Teaching assistant – taught English to foreign students at the University of Illinois

1975-76: Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission volunteer in Zaire (DRC).

  • Taught missionary children
  • Taught Math and English at girls’ secondary school in French


  • Summer jobs lifeguarding and teaching swimming in Ontario and Quebec, including Moosenee Ontario, and learning Moose Cree.



  • PhD Linguistics dissertation: Anne Garber (1987):  Tonal Analysis of Senufo: Sucite Dialect, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, IL, USA.
  • M.A. Theological Studies Thesis: Anne Garber Kompaoré (2004) Discourse Analysis of Directive Texts: The case of Biblical Law, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Elkhart, IN. USA.

Book Publications:

  • Anne Garber (1987) A tonal analysis of Senufo: Sucite dialect. Ph. D. dissertation. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. University Microfilms. 399p.
  • Anne Garber Kompaoré, ed. (2003) DÉCOUVRE TA LANGUE: La  Phonologie et l’Orthographe – Une introduction à la méthodologie de la découverte des sons d’une langue pour le développement d’une orthographe efficace. Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: ANTBA.

Journal publications:

Under the name Anne Garber:

  • (1980) Word order change and the Senufo languages. Studies in Linguistic Sciences 10.1. 45-57.
  • (1988) A double tiered analysis of Sucite tone. Journal of West African Linguistics 18.2. 21-33.
  • (1991) The phonological structure of the Senufo word. Journal of West African Linguistics 21.2 3-20
  • Several articles for Mennonite magazines

Under the name Anne Garber Kompaoré:

  • (1998) Participant reference in Sicite (Tagba Senufo): the role of the emphatic pronoun in narrative discourse. Gur Papers/Cahiers Voltaïques 3: 35-44.
  • (2006) Analyzing the Discourse of Biblical Law in Exodus 21:2-11. Journal of Biblical Text Research 10, 123-137.(Originally presented at UBS Africa Consultant Meetings. Nairobi, 2005)
  • (2007) The Qatal verb form and the conjunction OW in Biblical Hebrew. Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages, Vol. 33, No.1, 33-53. (Originally presented at Society of Biblical Literature, Toronto, Canada, November 2002).
  • (2009) Nord, Sud, Est, Ouest ? Dans quelle direction vas-tu? Le Sycomore3, No.1, 34-39.
  • (2012) Une approche thématique à la traduction des Psaumes, Le Sycomore 5, No.2, 30-42.
  • (2013) Comprendre et traduire la vigne et ses produits, Le Sycomore Vol 7, No. 1, 33-44.
  • (Forthcoming) Pour une meilleure connaissance de la sémantique des langues bibliques:
  • L’exemple du זָקֵן zâqén « vieux, ancien », Le Sycomore

Papers presented:

All of the above journal articles were originally presented as papers at conferences and colloquiums. The following unpublished papers were also presented at conferences.

  • (1998) Orthography and Phonology Round Table, SIL, Burkina, June 1998. Des possibles solutions pour la représentation du ton dans l’orthographe
  • (1999) 2nd colloquium of Gur languages, Cotonou, March 1999 The representation of past tense in Sicite narrative discourse
  • (1999) Colloquium of African Languages and Linguistics, Leiden, August, 1999. Vowel Reduction (or Epenthesis?) in Gur Languages (A comparative study)
  • (2000) Colloque d’Orthographe, Association Promotion et Valorisation de la Linguistique et des Langues du Burkina Faso (PROVALLAN), Mar. 20-24, 2000. Doit-on écrire la voyelle faible dans les langues Gur?
  • (2007) UBS Africa Consultant meetings. Nairobi. The Interpretation of בַר (BAR) in Psalm 2:12
  • (2008) UBS Africa Consultant meetings, Nairobi. Thematic and text type classification strategies: How we can improve on speed and accuracy in our translation projects
  • (2012) Society of Biblical Literature. Chicago. Biblical Languages and Bible Translation Practice.
  • (2015) Bible Translation Conference. Dallas. Old Testament Training and Resource Development: Semantics and Key Terms.
  • (2017) Bible Translation Conference. Dallas. Referential Techniques in the Psalms: Challenges for Interpretation and Translation.
  • (2018) Conférence de Traduction Biblique. Ouagadougou. Pour une meilleure connaissance de la sémantique des langues bibliques.

Unpublished papers and resources; research and writing in progress:

  • Linguistic analysis of African Languages
    • 1982-2000 A large quantity of data, research notes, and paper drafts on the Sicite language, including: A discourse analysis of Sicite, tree names in Sicite, lexicon in Sicite
    • 2005 A Brief tonal description of San, and proposals for Orthography
    • 2006 Tonal Description of Nanergué and proposals for orthography (incomplete)
  • Papers and research on Hebrew Discourse Analysis
  • Semantic research and writing on many Hebrew terms
  • Resources for Translators : Power point presentations
    • Story of the Grapevine: Six powerpoint presentations (EN and FR)
    • La Géographie et l’Histoire du Moyen Orient (in progress) (FR)
    • Siege Warfare (EN and FR) (to be revised and updated)
    • Oaths and Covenants (in progress) (EN and FR)
  • Drafts of manuals (in progress)
    • Understanding and Translating Biblical Law (EN and FR)
    • Semantics and Translation : A process for understanding and translating meaning (EN and FR)
    • Introduction à la Traduction de l’Ancien Testament  (FR)
    • Translators Notes of 2 Samuel (SIL) (ENG)

Current interests and research

  • Developing resources for translators
  • Translation training
  • Translation Consultant training
  • Hebrew linguistics research


Katherine Barnwell (Seed Company): katy_barnwell@tsco.org

Edouard Kitoko Nsiku (Consultant training, Seed Company): Kitoko_Nsiku@tsco.org

Reinier de Blois (UBS): rdeblois@biblesocieties.org

Rev. Dr Paul M. Mpindi, PhD


I am Dr Mpindi. I hold both a ThM and PhD in Old Testament studies from Calvin Theological seminary in Grand Rapids Michigan (USA).  I have been teaching Biblical Hebrew and Old Testament exegesis and theology for over 28 years.


1995-2003: PhD in Biblical (OT) Hermeneutics from Calvin Theological Seminary (USA). Dissertation’s title: Calvin Hermeneutics of the Imprecation of the Psalms.

1993-1995: ThM in Old Testament studies from Calvin Theological Seminary (USA).

1985-1990: Master in Theology from Bangui Evangelical Theological Seminary.


2014 to present: Executive Director for Mission French Africa Ministries based in Grand Rapids Michigan (USA).

1999-2014: Directeur International for Perspectives Réformées Internationales based in Palos Heights Illinois (USA).

1999 to present: Visiting professor of Old Testament Exegesis and Theology at Bangui Evangelical Theological Seminary.

2004-2006: Visiting lecturer in Biblical Hermeneutics at Calvin Theological Seminary.

1990-1993: Adjunct professor of Biblical Hebrew and Old Testament at Bangui Evangelical Theological Seminary.


  1. Initiation à l’exégèse de l’Ancien Testament: Méthode grammatico-historique et théologique.
  2. La doctrine chrétienne: Dieu, sa nature et ses oeuvres.
  3. Manuel de morale chrétienne en Afrique.

Websiteswww.missionafriquepourchrist.com; www.missionfrenchafrica.org

Eyal Nahum, linguist & language instructor

Specializing in teaching Biblical Hebrew

Age: 40

Formal education

2015    M.A. in General Linguistics, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, summa cum laudeMaster theme: The relative article. A study of relative pronoun attraction in Herodotean Greek.

2008     Diploma for Hebrew teaching, the division of Hebrew language instruction, Rothberg international school, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

2003     B.Sc. in Computer Science (Bio-Informatics track), Ben-Gurion University, BeerSheva, Israel.


2009-2010 Scholarship for excellence (granted by the Hebrew University) for one academic year of studies at the Freie Universität Berlin, with main focus on Greek Philology.

Working experience

Since 2011                                                        Jerusalem

Biblical & modern Hebrew instructor, Hebrew division coordinator, Polis institute

  • Teaching Biblical Hebrew as a foreign living language to both complete beginners and advanced students, full immersion.

Courses were given inter alia to students of prestigious clerical institutions in Jerusalem, such as the École Biblique, Studium Biblicum Franciscanum etc.

  • Development of a complete set of courses for teaching Biblical Hebrew, implementing full immersion methods.
  • Author of a book (“מבראשית“) for teaching Biblical Hebrew.
  • Development of Master courses in General Linguistics to M.A. students.
  • Teaching Modern Hebrew as a foreign language.
  • Academic & administrative coordinator of the Polis institute Hebrew division.

Since 2012

Biblical Hebrew instructor & coordinator, Santa Croce university

  • Teaching Biblical Hebrew as a foreign language in the framework of intensive courses to both complete beginners and advanced students (full immersion), the great bulk of whom are clergymen of various major Roman pontifical universities, full immersion.
  • Methodological course: training Greek and Latin teachers on the principles and methods of ancient language full immersion teaching.
  • Initiating new Biblical Hebrew instructors, using the “מבראשית” method.

Since 2017                                                        Jerusalem

Biblical Hebrew & methodology instructor, Jerusalem Center forBible Translators

  • Teaching Biblical Hebrew as a foreign language in the framework of both intensive and semestral courses to Bible translators from all corners of the

world, full immersion.

  • Teaching Hebrew Grammar to Hebrew native speakers wishing to enrich their knowledge of Hebrew grammar and teach Hebrew abroad.
  • Methodological course: training Israeli native speakers who intend to teach

Biblical Hebrew abroad on the principles and methods of Biblical Hebrew full immersion teaching, using the “מבראשית” method.

Since 2017

Biblical Hebrew grammar teacher, Hebrew Union College

  • Teaching Biblical Hebrew Grammar (mostly in English) to future Rabbis         and Cantors of the Reform movement in the USA.

 2014 Editor and proofreader of the renewed and updated version of the renowned     and most widely used Modern Hebrew textbook “Hebrew from scratch” by

Shlomit Chayat, Sara Israeli & Hilla Kobliner.


Modern Hebrew instructor, Rothberg international school,the Hebrew university of Jerusalem

  • Teaching Modern Hebrew as a foreign language (various levels).

Additional past workplaces:

Shalom Hartman institute, Milah institute, Israel Social Sciences Data Center (Hebrew University)


Hebrew – Mother tongue

English, French, GermanExcellent command

ItalianVery good command

Ancient Greek – Academic proficiency

Russian, Latin & Arabic – Decent knowledge

Semester Course Instructors

  • Natali Akun, Ph.D. Biblical Hebrew. (Ph.D. Hebrew University) Researcher, Hebrew Language Academy and Lecturer, Efrata College. Published author.
  • Cyril Aslanov, Ph.D. Biblical Hebrew (Ph.D, Sorbonne, Paris and HDR) Professor of Hebrew and Romantic Languages, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Extensive Publications.
  • Amnon Bruck, Ph.D. Biblical Hebrew (PhD. in Hebrew and Semitic Languages, Bar-Ilan University with certification to teach Hebrew as a second language. He founded an Ulpan at the Sofaer International MBA program at Tel Aviv University. Published author.
  • Aaron Hornkohl. Ph.D. Discourse Analysis, Hebrew Tutoring and Hebrew Langauge Lectures. (BA, Biola University, M.A., Ph.D., Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Language Teaching Officer in Hebrew, Cambridge University. Instructor, Biblical Language Center. Published author, e.g in  Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics (Brill, 2013).
  • Randall Buth, Ph.D. Biblical Hebrew and Discourse Analysis (Ph.D.in Semitic Studies, UCLA) Director of the Biblical Language Center. Extensive publications.
  • Danny Herman, MA. “Texts in Context” Historical Geography and Context of the Bible. (M.A. Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Instructor in Archaeology at Hebrew University and at the Israel School of Tourism.
  • Rafi Kassimov (Ph.D., Rabbi) “Texts in Context” Historical Geography and Context of the Bible. Lecturer, Instructor of French Language and Literature, Hebrew University; Lecturer, Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies; Israeli Tour guide.
  • Glenn Kerr, Ph.D. Discourse Analysis. Chief Translation Consultant for Bibles International. Adjunct Professor of Linguistics at Northland International University; Bible translation Consultant working primarily with in Francophone West and Central Africa.
  • B. Brian Kvasnica, M.A. (Hebrew University of Jerusalem).  Texts in Context” —Historical Geography and Context of the Bible.   JCBT Director of Short-Term Programs; Assistant Biblical Hebrew teacher at the Biblical Language Center; Director, Jerusalem Biblical Studies Society. Published “Parable of the Vineyard Tenants and Son” (in Jesus’ Last Week, Brill 2006) and “Early Jewish Historiography and Ethics of Plundering” in Writing and Reading War (SBL, 2008).
  • Tania Notarius, Ph.D. Biblical Hebrew. Biblical Hebrew instructor at Rothberg International School, Hebrew University. Published author.
  • Brian Schultz Ph.D. Historical Geography and Context of the Hebrew Bible. (BA. Briercrest Bible College, MA Jerusalem University College, Ph.D. Bar-Ilan University). Professor of Bible at Fresno University, California. Published author.
  • Halvor Ronning, D.D. h.c. JCBT Co-Founder and Co-Director and  instructor for Historical Geography and Context of the Bible. (B.A., St. Olaf College; B.D. Luther Seminary; M.A. from Yale University, D.D. h.c. University of California). Founding member of the Jerusalem School for Synoptic Research, Lecturer at Rothberg International School, Hebrew University, Published author.
  • Smadar Barak, MA. Biblical Hebrew. Hebrew language instructor at Hebrew University. Former director of the Mazye Institute for the History of the Hebrew Language Revival.


  • Gabriel Barkay, Ph.D. Archaeology of Jerusalem. B.A., M.A., The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Ph.D., Tel Aviv University. Excavations in Lachish, Jerusalem, Megiddo, Tel Zayit, Susa (Iran) Faculty of Bar-Ilan University. Directed excavations at Ramat Rachel, Ketef Hinnom and currently director of the Temple Mount sifting project. Recipient of the Jerusalem Prize. Extensive publications.
  • Petra Heldt, Ph.D. Historic Christianity. B.A., Frei Universitat, Berlin; M.Th., Kirchliche Hochschule, Berlin; Ph.D., The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Executive Secretary of the Ecumenical Theological Research Fraternity in Israel. Director, The Thomas Oden Patristic Study Center. Ordained minister. Published author.
  • Wayne Horowitz, Ph.D. Israel and Assyria. (PhD. Birmingham University) Archaeologist. Senior Lecturer at Hebrew University in Assyriology. Specializing in Sumerian and Akkadian writings to do with the structure of the cosmos.
  • Ronit Maoz, MA. Biblical Agriculture. (MA, Bar Ilan University) Expert tour guide specializing in biblical agriculture.
  • Ray Pritz, PhD. Lecturer on Realia and the Bible. (Ph.D. Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Former assignments include work at the Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies, director of the Bible Society in Israel, researcher in the Translations Department of the United Bible Societies preparing resource material for Bible translators. Doctoral dissertation was published jointly by Magnes Press and E.J. Brill under the title Nazarene Jewish Christianity(1988)
  • Mirja Ronning, MA. JCBT Co-Founder and Co-Director and Director of Biblical Hebrew. Mirja (Miriam), a Finnish citizen by birth, became a resident of Israel in 1949 and was educated in Hebrew since childhood. (BA from Concordia College, USA; graduate degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Scientific Translation, Clinical Psychology, and an MA in The Bible and Its World. Mirja conducts an ongoing Bible translation project from Hebrew to Finnish and has published Genesis, Joel, Obadiah, and Ruth and recently completed Isaiah. She has taught Biblical Hebrew and Bible translation in academic settings in Jerusalem since the 1970’s.
  • Emmanuel Tov, Ph.D. Masoretic Text and Bible Translation. Professor at the Hebrew University Bible Department. One of the editors of the Hebrew University Bible Project. On the editorial board of Dead Sea Discoveries. Won the Israel Prize in 2009 for Biblical Studies.  Extensive publications.
  • Inge Verschoor, M.A. Historical Geography – ‘Texts in Context’ (French) (MA, University of Texas, Arlington; MA, University of Leiden). Linguistic work in Africa and Israeli tour guide.
  • Murray Salisbury, MA. Biblical Hebrew Poetry in its Contexts. Lecturer, Training Workshops and Seminars for Bible Translators and Consultants in many parts of the world; Adjunct Professor of Hebrew and OT Exegesis at the Handong Global University, Pohang, South Korea.

Professors for Bible Translation Exegesis Seminar

  • Katharine Barnwell, Ph.D. (1x). (Ph.D., Linguistics, School of Oriental and African Studies and University College, University of London). Advisor to the Senior Vice President, The Seed Company (TSC), 2013– and Certified Senior Translation Consultant, SIL International, 2012–. Extensive Publications.
  • Julie Bentinck, MA (3x) Translation Consultant in Africa, SIL – Summer Institute of Linguistics. Published Author.
  • Bob Carter, MA (2x). (M.A., Hebrew Bible Translation, Jerusalem University College). Senior Translation Consultant, Seed Company 2010-, and Certified Senior Translation Consultant, SIL International, 2012–.
  • Noah Lee, Ph.D. (2x) Published Author.
  • Dr. Krijn van der Jagt (1x) Senior Emeritus UBS Translation Consultant, United Bible Societies. Extensive Publications.
  • Hanni Kuhn, MA (2x) Published Author.
  • Murray Salisbury, MA (2x) Lecturer, Training Workshops and Seminars for Bible Translators and Consultants in many parts of the world; Adjunct Professor of Hebrew and OT Exegesis at the Handong Global University, Pohang, South Korea.
  • Tim Wilt, Ph.D. (1x) (Ph.D. Michigan State University in Linguistics) Former Wycliffe Consultant in Africa and Assistant Professor, Middle Tennessee State University. Published author.
  • Lynell Zogbo, Ph.D. (3x) UBS Translations Consultant; Lecturer, Faculte de Theologie Evangelique Alliance Chretienne (FATEAC); Adjunct Lecturer & Research Associate, University of the Free State; Editor UBS Handbook Series and Sycamore, a journal for Francophone translators. Published author.