The six-month program closely aligns with the Spring semester of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (February to May ) with January devoted to preparation studies of Hebrew and June for a study of Biblical Poetry.

Prerequisites and Preferences:

  • Proven level in Introductory Biblical Hebrew (to be tested by JCBT);
  • Good knowledge of reading and spoken English (or French);
  • Preference given to national translators;
  • Preference given to those currently working in a Bible Translation project; and
  • Preference given to those under 45 years of age;

“Hebrew as a Living Language,” Modern Hebrew course is offered in January (and also runs concurrently throughout the semester with 8 hours a week). Emphasis on immediate acquisition of vocabulary and long term retention. 100 academic hours, 5 credits.

Accredited Courses Include:

1. Intermediate Biblical Hebrew (90 h, 6 cr.) – Emphasis is on understanding Biblical Text. The course begins with grammar and vocabulary in narrative texts, and continues with higher issues in poetical texts.

2. Text in Context – History, Geography, Archeology, and Cultural Backgrounds of the Bible (60 h, 4 cr.) – Lectures and 18 days of field trips to relevant OT biblical sites are provided as an integral part of the course, by Dr. Halvor Ronning and Brian Kvasnica.

3. Discourse Analysis of Biblical Hebrew (30 h, 2 cr.) – taught by experienced translation consultants. Starts in April, after the students are comfortable with longer passages.

4. Biblical Hebrew Poetry– Taught by experienced International Bible translation consultants.