Sign Language Program

Sign Language program 

Our programs for Deaf Bible translators and consultants provide Deaf participants with equal access to training in the historical, archaeological, and geographical context of Scripture. Since sign languages are visual languages, a first hand view of Biblical sites and the Land of the Bible provide participants with a visual picture that is crucial for accurate translations.

The programs at JCBT are unique because they are specifically tailored to the needs of Deaf participants. Tours are led by Deaf guides who can communicate directly with the participants and understand the culture, background, and thought patterns that are unique to members of the worldwide Deaf community. The training materials and course content are intentionally designed to address the specific challenges that arise in sign language Bible translation.

For more information about participation in these programs, please contact the Deaf Course Coordinator.


Did you Know?

There are over 70 million Deaf people in the world. This is one of the largest, remaining groups of people without access to the Bible in their heart language.

Sign language is not universal. There are over 400 distinct sign languages in the world. Some translation work has been carried out for approximately 40 sign languages, but none of them has a complete Bible. JCBT desires to support the important effort of Sign Language Bible translations by empowering Deaf people to undertake the translation work as the mother-tongue translators.

There are no accepted writing systems for sign languages. That means deaf people have to learn to read and write in a language that is not their own. Can you imagine what it would be like if the only Bible in your house was written in Chinese?

Sign language Bible translations are filmed on video. Deaf people can finally have access to the Bible by watching the scriptures signed in their own language.

This is a special time in history for the Deaf. With recent technology, such as internet and cell phones, Deaf people can now access video sign language translations of the Bible from all over the world. We believe that this is a special time in history when God is bringing the revelation of his Word to the Deaf people. “Then will the eyes of the blind be opened and the ears of the deaf unstopped.Isaiah 35:5

We, at JCBT, are excited to be a part of this significant development in history by training the Deaf translators and consultants who are developing these translations.

explaining treading grapes via signs YouTube video