Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators:

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Visiting Scholars

Additional Study Opportunities At JCBT

Private Tutorials in Hebrew:

lesson-with-gila-2Private tutorials in either Biblical or Modern Hebrew–tailor-made to individual needs–can be arranged through JCBT for visiting students or scholars.



Participation in the “Land of the Bible” Courses :

The awareness of how knowing the external “context” of Scripture enhances the ability to better understand the Text has increased tremendously over the past two decades. Short term “Land of the Bible” courses designed specifically for Bible translators or scholars throughout the year. Each study-tour can be tailor-made and typically includes both class lectures as well as field trips throughout the Land of Israel.

Independent Studies:

JCBT also provides inexpensive residence for scholars and translators on study sabbaticals. Available only when space permits between each of the official study programs.


Contact the Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators for more details on these specialized study options!



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