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2018 Semester Program–Registration Now Open


Registration is now open for the 2018 Semester Academic Program for Bible Translators, Consultants, & Consultants-in-Training–offered in conjunction with The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mt. Scopus campus, Rothberg International School.

Language of Instruction:  English
Program Schedule: January to June, 2018
Application Deadline: October 1, 2017

The goal of this program is to enable translators and consultants to produce a quality translation of the Hebrew Bible, with an emphasis on accuracy and naturalness. It contains two main components:

  1. Biblical Hebrew

    • Hebrew is taught as a living language in two stages. The student first learns to listen, speak, read and write in the university language school. Then most of the semester is devoted to a modified living Biblical Hebrew method based also on texts which are read on location in the field trips of the Historical Geography course. This course is taught by JCBT instructors (advanced students at the Hebrew University), Additionally the student is exposed to living conversational Hebrew through house parents.
    • Biblical Hebrew grammar and syntax is taught by a Hebrew University professor in the traditional systematic way. 
    • Discourse Analysis
      This course concentrates on the finer points of text analysis of the Hebrew Bible. The aim is to help the translators identify stylistic features in the source text, determine their function, and find ways of expressing equivalent meaning in the receptor language. Taught by a Senior International Bible Translation Consultant.
    • Biblical Hebrew Poetic Text.
      This practical course aims to give students an increasing appreciation of how Hebrew poetry works and to help them develop skills in unfolding the layers of meaning embedded in the artistry of many Biblical poetical texts in psalms, the prophets, and wisdom literature. Classes will demonstrate how to analyze and synthesize a variety of biblical poems; and students will practice applying these principles and procedures to numerous poetical texts.
  2.  Text in Context: Historical, Geographical, and Cultural Settings of the Hebrew Bible. 

    Lectures are organized under three main topics: geographical regions, historical periods, and cultural issues. 18 field trips enable the translator to experience the sites of Biblical events, to see archaeological evidence of life in Biblical times, as well as to observe flora and fauna of the Land. The Hebrew Bible readings on location enable the translator to understand the biblical text more accurately. This course is a learning experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world! The land serves as a visual experiential dictionary of Biblical Hebrew.
    JCBT Instructors:  Dr. Halvor Ronning; Brian (Baruch) Kvasnica, MA; and other tour instructors and visiting lecturers. 

Note: The application form is available here and is filled out on the computer and emailed back to us.  Type your name for the signature. First, download the form to your computer and then fill it out using any PDF reader!

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