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It was a very busy season here at JCBT, and we wanted to share some quick updates with you all:

  • JCBT Semester students were able to take tours and visit the actual Biblical places relevant to the past events that happened right here in Jerusalem and in Israel.
  • We thank Dr. Paul Mpindi who came to us from Michigan during his sabbatical to teach the HebrewGrammar and Texts course in French. Him and his wife were with us since mid February and will be leaving us back soon.
  • We also thank Dr. Anne Kompaore from Burkina Faso who was a visiting professor at JCBT for the Historical Geography class.
  • Dr. Samy Tioye, a UBS consultant, is arriving to teach Discourse Analysis as a one month seminar during May.
  • JCBT Co-Director, Halvor Ronning, along with JCBT Sepcial programs director, Brian (Baruch Kvasnica), are attending the FOBAI Conference in New Mexico (April 30 – May 2) to represent JCBT.
Dr. Mpindi and his wife, Charlotte.
Updated: April 30, 2019 — 4:14 am