What Programs does JCBT Offer?

The Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators (JCBT) is a non-profit educational ministry which focuses on training mother-tongue Bible translators, consultants-in-training and consultants. This training, under the auspices of the Rothberg International School for Overseas Students at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, serves to allow increasing numbers of people to access to the Biblical message in their mother-tongue created from a quality translation referencing the original Hebrew text.

JCBT offers several courses and programs to serve translators and consultants:

  1. Spring Semester program which focuses on teaching the TEXT of the Bible in the CONTEXT of the living Hebrew language and in Israel as the land of the Bible.
  2. Several two-week “Land of The Bible” courses that introduces the physical and cultural context of the Biblical text. Additionally, one-month programs are available for advanced levels of HEBREW – like studying specifically the book of Psalms or the general structures of Hebrew Poetry.

Short term courses have been taught in English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Sign Language as we attempt to serve translators from a variety of cultures (including some instruction in Hebrew).

Spring Semester Program for Translators

Hebrew University Semester Program for Translators, Consultants and Consultants-in-Training. The program offers courses that teach the TEXT and its CONTEXT. This academic course focuses on Hebrew as the source language of the Bible.  The translator is also introduced to the context of the Bible, the land in which was written. This unique combination equips translators to  provide a more accurate and natural  translation into their own mother-tongue as the target language The program has been offered in conjunction with the Rothberg International School for Overseas Students of the Hebrew University since 1995. Instruction is offered in alternative years in English or French.

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“Land of the Bible” Course

Fourteen Days of Eye-Opening Insights into the Hebrew Scripture and its Context. Throughout the year we offer several insightful courses on the historical, archaeological, and geographical context of Scripture and how this understanding can impact translations. With Bible in hand, trips to Biblical sites throughout the Land are experienced with an eye toward Bible translation issues.

Short-term courses by JCBT: 

  • Are tailor-made for consultants and translation groups;
  • Focus on how the context impacts the understanding of the original Text;
  • Are inexpensive and flexible for each group.

Beginning in 2005, JCBT has provided this valuable experience to over 500 consultants, translators, and translation personnel.

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Specialized Courses.

  • One Book at a Time, A poetry Course – This series is designed to allow participants to focus on a given book of the Bible—its text, context and message– during an intensive time period. The course, taught by experienced translation consultants and published authors, Drs Ernst WENDLANDand Lynell ZOGBO, aims to provide an in-depth exegetical study of the book of Micah based on the Hebrew text, a discussion of its geographic, cultural and historical context, as well as its many translation challenges, especially focusing on producing natural poetic texts in mother tongues.

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  • Sign Language Program – Our programs for Deaf Bible translators and consultants provide Deaf participants with equal access to training in the historical, archaeological, and geographical context of Scripture. Since sign languages are visual languages, a first-hand view of Biblical sites and the Land of the Bible provide participants with a visual picture that is crucial for accurate translations. The programs at JCBT are unique because they are specifically tailored to the needs of Deaf participants. Tours are led by Deaf guides who can communicate directly with the participants and understand the culture, background, and thought patterns that are unique to members of the worldwide Deaf community.

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