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October 28-November 14, 2019
Instructors:  Drs. Ernst Wendland and Lynell Zogbo

The prophet Micah exhorting the people to repent


In line with the most recent “One book at a time” seminar on Psalms (November, 2018), JCBT is happy to announce a new course focusing on the Poetry of the Prophets, based on the book of MICAH, taught in the very land where he prophesied.   

The prophet Micah, who lived in the turbulent 8th century B.C., was a contemporary of the great Isaiah, with whom he has much in common. Micah, who addresses both the Northern and Southern Kingdoms of Israel, joins the other prophets in his overt criticism and condemnation of social injustice and the rampant political and religious evils of his day. Thus, today’s readers find in this book a powerful message for our contemporary world. The book of Micah is also filled with many captivating poetic images and powerful rhetoric which greatly add to its widespread impact and appeal.

This course, taught by experienced translation consultants and published authors, Drs Ernst WENDLAND and Lynell ZOGBO, aims to provide an in-depth exegetical study of the book of Micah based on the Hebrew text, a discussion of its geographic, cultural and historical context, as well as its many translation challenges, especially focusing on producing natural poetic texts in mother tongues. Periodic excursions in the land where Micah worked will bring to life various contextual aspects of this important prophetic text. The goal is to equip participants with tools of analysis and translation that they can take away to apply to the many other prophetic books in the Hebrew Scriptures, the Book of the Twelve in particular.

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