2019 – The Course for West African Mother Tongue Translators

Once again JCBT is planning a course for French speaking mother tongue translators. We do make a point to implement it every second year or two even though it is a big challenge for us.  It is a commitment to the ‘younger brother’ of the bigger English-speaking world in Africa. The first difficulty is that no one in JCBT leadership or staff knows French. This forces us to find all the lecturers and guides from lecturers at the Hebrew University rather than using our own staff. Indeed, we often fly in foreigners to do the teaching. Secondly, there are limited financial resources in West Africa, so this means that much more funds must be raised to run the course, since the poor Bible societies can’t pay for their translators to come. It is hard for them even just to pay the airline tickets which we require – while we help with the semester costs in the land.

Updated: November 11, 2018 — 3:32 pm