What is the special value of studying the TEXT in CONTEXT ?

The land of the Bible courses provide accurate information about the context of the text which the translators and consultants cannot well imagine before coming to the land.  They come from very different geographical and cultural backgrounds which can distort their understanding of the text.  The solution is to see and experience the land for oneself. An outsider cannot imagine the great amount of insights, experiences and new understandings that a national translator from a far away country gains from such a study tour. These experiences contribute to the reliability of the translations.

For example, Psalm 23 scenery to this day does not have abundant “green pastures” on the slopes of the rough Judean wilderness where David was tending his sheep at the edge of the Judean Desert. That area has no rain some 5 months of the year and indeed only an experienced shepherd could lead the sheep to a rare “grassy oasis” that the Hebrew words convey.

We have heard scores of textual examples from both translators and consultants who testify that a new understanding of the text has emerged based on facts in the land.



Updated: November 15, 2018 — 4:56 pm