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Studying the “Land of the Bible” in Portuguese.

On September 3rd, a group of 26 Bible Translators arrived in Israel for an intensive two-week study course here at JCBT. The students are all Portuguese-speaking translators and consultants coming from Angola and Mozambique. Lead by UBS consultants Riikka Halme-Berneking and Dinis Ezequiel along with Moshico Garcia a Portuguese-speaking guide, and coordinated with lectures from […]

Registration to 2020 JCBT English Semester Program is now closed

Registration now Closed Registration is now closed for the  2020 Spring Semester Program. Translators, consultants, and consultants-in-training have applied and are preparing to take JCBT Hebrew Entrance Test (scheduled for September 20). The program is scheduled to start on February 1st with the Hebrew Ulpan (The ulpan is designed to teach the basic skills of Hebrew conversation, writing, […]

Last Call for Applicants for 2020 Semester Program

This is the last week of registration for the 2020 Spring Semester Program. Translators, consultants, and consultants-in-training are invited to apply. The goal of this program is to enable translators and consultants to produce a quality translation of the Hebrew Bible with semantic awareness of both nuances of the source text as well as a […]

A home in Israel for Bible translators from Africa

JCBT had a large spread in a Norwegian newspaper featuring the translators from Semester 2019. The following is the English translation of the original segment. By Vidar Norberg In Judea’s mountains, just outside Jerusalem, is the home for Bible Translators. There, they learn the Hebrew languages, Biblical geography, poetry, and culture so that they could […]

Biblical Hebrew Summer Course

By Brian (Baruch) Kvasnica. In early August, six exceptional students joined us for a unique and challenging intensive Hebrew study course; a course has been offered by JCBT each August since 2017.  All of the students are experienced Bible Translation consultants that have worked mostly on New Testament translations. Their consulting work is in Madagascar, various areas […]

JCBT 2019 Summer Update

 First Fruits of Summer 2019 1. Semester Program – Semester Graduation! Mother-tongue translators from eight French-speaking countries in West Africa graduated June 25 from our Hebrew-intensive semester program, with a new understanding of the Bible’s natural context. – A first! Our students learned how to render mother-tongue translations of Biblical poetry in melodies that are true to each […]

Et hjem i Israel for bibeloversettere fra Afrika

Av Vidar Norberg På Judeas fjell, like utenfor Jerusalem, ligger et hjem for bibeloversettere. Der lærer de hebraisk språk, bibelsk geografi, poesi og kultur for å oversette Bibelen i afrikanske land. –Det er rundt 400 språk bare i Nigeria og 70 språk i Togo i Afrika som trenger oversettelse av Tanach, Det gamle testamente, sier […]

Registration now open for the January 2020 JCBT “Land of the Bible” Course

The annual Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators 2020 course for Bible Consultants and Consultants-in-Training is now open for registration! Course Dates: January 16-29, 2020. This exceptional 14-day course includes 12 days of study-tours relating Scripture text to its historical, archaeological, cultural, linguistic and geographical context. With Bibles in our hands, trips to the Biblical sites […]

The Class of 2019 Has Graduated!

The unique 2019 JCBT French Semester Course graduated at the end of June. Five months of intensive studies, delivered by experienced Bible Consultants and other experts in their own fields, came to a close in an emotional graduation ceremony. Congratulations to the eight Francophone Mother-Tongue Bible Translators, who are all back with their families by […]